My lifelong passion for sewing began at age nine. From my first doll-sized dress to sewing garments for designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Sanyo, tailoring perfect apparel has been my one true calling.

The rich tradition of hat making inspired me to begin hand-crafting vintage inspired caps in the the early 90’s. Drawing on the influence of 19th century baseball hats, I opened a storefront in Cooperstown, NY to bring the heritage back to life. After many rewarding years, I closed up shop to escape the arctic winters of upstate NY.

After a sabbatical from the garment industry, I am dusting off the shears once again to bring an unmatched level of detail and integrity to hat making. And here we find ourselves, you reading my ‘about me’, when you should be browsing my hats instead.

I personally guarantee the quality of fabrics and the flawlessness of workmanship, if not am happy to issue full refunds and hearty apologies.